Volunteer Recruitment

On the platform of the Biennale, volunteers were able to gain different knowledge and get a variety of skills. UABB's projects cover a wide range of areas, and volunteers are encouraged to choose the content of their work according to their own strengths and development goals. The work is divided into two main parts: venue management and project coordination.

Training will be provided, with the person in charge dedicated to mentoring the volunteer work throughout. The work of the volunteers will be recorded and the information will be included in the volunteer talent pool, which is constantly updated and will become a record of the growth of the volunteers and help them to progress.

Recruitment period

There is no volunteer recruitment plan at this stage, please continue to pay attention to the information released through official channels.

Academic Events

The main types include themed lectures and professional forums, focusing on cutting-edge topics related to global cities and architectures. Specialists from different fields gather here together for academic exchanges, which not only facilitates the communication within the circle and the development of the industry, but also enables the public to have a taste of the professional knowledge.

2019 UABB学术研讨会.png

Academic Seminar-Interactions in the Ascending, 2019 UABB


2017 UABB Mapping南头古城工作坊.png

Mapping Nantou Old Town, 2017 UABB


2009 UABB 中国思想·深圳马拉松对话.png

Chinese Thinking·Shenzhen Marathon, 2009 UABB


Public Events

The types of public events are rich and varied. Through a series of activities such as bazaars, painting sessions, photography sessions, plays, etc., the interaction between the exhibition and the audience will be enhanced, thus enabling the audience to have a deeper understanding of the exhibition and making the exhibition itself more diverse.

2017 UABB UABB×Little Thing 小物市集.png

UABB×Little Thing Market, 2017 UABB


Parent-child Activities

The main types include DIY, model building activities, architectural study tours and children's workshops. Through the interesting and easy-to-understand ways, parent-child activities allow children to acquire knowledge in entertaining activities, which enhance children's practical ability and team spirit, and strengthen the relationship between parents and children.

2017 UABB 小小建筑师系列活动.png

Little Architect Series, 2017 UABB

Guided Tours

Guided tours are divided into professional tour, children tour, ordinary tour and government tour. Different ways of guide and explanation are conducted for different groups of people. Through the simple and popular language, audience can better understand the exhibition contents and learn about the stories behind the exhibits.

2019 UABB 导览.png

Guided tour, 2019 UABB

2017 UABB 导览.png

Guided tour, 2017 UABB