UABB School is UABB (Shenzhen)’s public education platform, which aims to build a bridge between the professional circles and the public by providing opportunities for people to participate, understand and study the urban culture, so as to communicate extensively with the society. Through a series of free programs/activities such as lecture, forum, workshop, dialogue, bazaar, performance and guided tours, UABB School endeavors to move the intellectual barriers of “urbanism\architecture” for people of different backgrounds and ages to meet in this special place, so that citizens can better understand the city they live in and participate in the construction and beautification of it.

UABB has been exploring the balance and complementation between the professional depth and the public enthusiasm. This is an important move to bring UABB and the public together. Aimed to enhance the public education, UABB School integrates the resources of all aspects and offers a series of events and courses for free to the professionals, public and family visitors during the exhibition period, leading the citizens to learn about the urban issues that exist globally. Everyone, whether it is professionals, creative practitioners, teachers and students, to families and communities, will find something interesting and learn something from UABB School.

Diverting from UABB's previous impression of being "too highbrow to understand", UABB School is to present the exhibitions' forward-looking exhibits and researches through popular and understandable means to the visitors, such as events, performance and workshop etc. We believe that urbanism\architecture should go beyond the professional circle of the urban planners and architects, and instead involve participation of all citizens. In fact, the activities and events of UABB School are not limited to urbanism\architecture only but cover all issues that might impact the urban culture and  that are closely related to the citizens, and making UABB an urban learning school that never close.








Museum of Industrial Culture, People’s Architecture Foundation,Shenzhen Foundation for International Exchange and Cooperation, The Embassy of Netherlands, The Embassy of Ireland, The Embassy of Finland, The Embassy of Belgium, British Embassy, The Embassy of Spain